Catching Up With Greta From Hawk Couture

Fox House’s latest jewelry designer to come on board is the ever so talented, and mulch-faceted Greta Hotmer. Based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania, Greta Hotmer specialized in Reiki infused Hand Made Raw Stone and Crystals. She also dives into a number of other creative outlets, one of which includes a killer rock band called The Moxy. We have been loving the feelings of raw stone jewelry for some time now, and we think Greta does it perfectly. She sat down and answered a few questions for us. Enjoy the read 🙂

Fox House: Give us a little background about yourself, your jewelry, and how your Reiki practice and knowledge of healing gemstones comes into that.

Greta: I’m sort of a jack of all trades and have a wide background. Jewelry making has been in my life for as long as I can remember but I’m also the singer of the band The Moxy, I worked as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics for a while and I taught Krav Maga, Israeli Self Defense and Fighting, for about 7 years. Ever since I was very little I had a love for rocks and crystals. I would collect them and search for new and interesting ones but my interest wasn’t really that of the geological aspect; to me they were magical and there was more to them than their physical makeup. I didn’t realize why I was so drawn to them until much later in life. I got pretty sick with Lyme Disease (an auto immune disease) at age 20, which is something that I’ll always have with varying degrees of good days and bad days. In learning to cope with this new aspect of my life I started connecting with the spiritual and metaphysical part of me that I knew had always been there but that I did not know very well yet. It was during that time that my sister and I became trained in Reiki, which is Japanese Energy Healing (my sister is the rock star of energy healing btw), and I learned about the healing properties of crystals and stones. At that time though I would carry stones with me by either putting them in my pocket or tucking them into my bra haha. Not the best place for anything but what they’re made for! So I started finding raw stones that I could make necklaces with and from there the rest is history:)













Fox House: How would you describe your jewelry design aesthetic or sensibility? And how else does that sensibility show up in your life?

Greta: What I aim for is an edgy hippy I would say. I’m definitely a big tree hugger at heart but I left my beat up Birkenstocks behind a while ago. I love everything holistic and natural but I feel like it can be off-putting or intimidating when presented certain ways. It can insight guilt instead of inspiration. I try to make my designs so that you can wear them with many different styles, dressed up or dressed down; bohemian or classic. I pretty much always have the stones hit around your solar plexus chakra, and if not there then with your heart chakra. They definitely reflect my personal style almost directly. It’s actually physically difficult for me to make anything that I’m not totally in love with.

Fox House: What are your favorite crystals/stones to work with? What are their healing properties?

Greta: Smoky Quartz is so far my favorite stone for my line for a couple reasons. It’s a beautiful stone and comes in so many different forms, so it’s easy to do a wide range of pieces. Smoky Quartz has such a gentle, calming, and happy energy too. Most stones offer some kind of energetic protection but Smoky Quartz transforms negative energy into positive energy as opposed to just blocking or buffering the energy. It’s a happy stone and a very powerful stone and it seems like it resonates very much with lots of people.
My other favorite is Spirit Quartz. It’s harder to use for versatility in jewelry making only because they usually come in a larger form. Imagine if Amethyst and Citrine had a baby and you get Spirit Quartz. The first time I saw this stone I felt like a little kid on Christmas:) They have a very light lavender color, some have almost a burnt edge quality depending on the stone. I hope to make some fun wire wrapped pieces with this stone in the future. This stone helps to connect you with the spirit realm and your higher self. You can use in meditation and ask it to bring you into connection with the the energy of spirit. Doing this allows you to release the ego and understand that we are all connected to one another. When using it in this fashion, spirit quartz brings out freedom from fear and peace of mind

Fox House: What are some significant trends you’re noticing in jewelry design?

Greta: For a while it’s been multi-chains, wearing only silver or only gold is a thing of the past. Also layering necklaces, lots of fringe, and long chains…kind of everything I absolutely love…I hope it stays for a while!

Fox House: What has been inspiring/influencing your work lately?

Greta: I’m always inspired by Native Americans, I have been since I was very young. Nature inspires me of course as well. I love to make anything that feels natural and organic, even if it’s aesthetically more edgy and structured. I love the blend where those ideas meet.

Fox House: What is your favorite piece of art or fine craft that you own?

Greta: My boyfriend bought me this ridiculously amazing Turquoise, Red Coral and Silver chest plate necklace when we first got together and needless to say I cherish it for it’s craft and for it’s sentimental value. I definitely swooned with that one:)

Be sure to check out Greta in her killer band, the Moxy! Check out this awesome video directed by Bam Margera